"I, Mary" is a "traveling" musical drama about Jesus -- told by his mother, Mary.
It is a monologue, thus there is only one character. There are seven scenes that take you from before Mary and Joseph are wed, to the birth of Jesus, from the crucifixion  to the resurrection. This, in no way, is meant to idolize or worship Mary. The attention is focused only on our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Six original songs richly accompany the gospel story, setting the emotion of each scene. Agony, sorrow, and loneliness seem to be the theme throughout most of them, but you will enjoy the light mood found in the song about Jesus childhood as well as the love song written for Joseph. Other pieces of music were chosen for background to add ambience to the narration. You will recognize many of them.

This writer's interpretation touches on the love between a man and a woman, a woman and her child, and a woman and her Savior. It will open your mind to the actuality that Jesus, indeed, was both man and God, and it will cause you to reflect on the everyday life of the woman who raised up our Redeemer.

It has taken 6 years to research the narration, write the lyrics, orchestrate the music, compile the soundtrack, sew the costumes, obtain the equipment, and rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. In September of 2000 the first performance was done "on location" and since that time we have been overwhelmed by the requests to come and present this drama.

To add ambience and expectation, music is played 30 minutes prior to the performance as people begin to enter. The pastor is then asked to open with prayer and an introduction is given and the play begins. The actual length of the drama is 48 minutes. It fits nicely into an evening service or special event.


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